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Donating stocks or other marketable securities provides a significant impact to the Busby Centre to support our programs and services for the over 150 people we serve daily.


Donating marketable securities has many benefits including:

  • Receiving a charitable tax receipt once securities are received in the Busby Centre brokerage account. The valuation will be based on the fair market value of the gift at the closing price on that date.
  • If you leave a gift of marketable securities to the Busby Centre in your Will, your estate will receive the same tax benefits.
  • Excess credit may be carried forward up to five years if your donation exceeds the amount eligible for a tax credit in the year your gift is made

Prior to your transfer, please download and complete the Gift of Marketable Securities form and contact the following

Please fill out and send the completed form to the important listed contacts


Busby Centre - Securities Donation Form



*The information and material provided should not be construed as legal or finance advice as it is intended to be general in nature. We advise you speak with a financial advisor and or legal counsel to obtain the best recommendation possible.