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House & Key (2)

In 2023, the Busby Centre helped over 875 unique individuals!


In Collingwood, we assisted over 150 people - 28% female, 72% male, 6% youth aged 16-24, 70% aged 25-54 and 22% aged 55+.


In Barrie, we assisted over 700 people - 17% female, 82% male, 3% were aged 0-15, 7% aged 16-24, 71% aged 25-54, 19% aged 55+, and 1% anonymous.


Contributions we receive assist everyone who accesses our services; it makes a difference in the lives of many.


EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY at the Busby Centre!


We are very appreciative of the support we receive from our communities, and so are the people that access our services daily. Here is what somebody had to say;


"The Busby Centre has helped me and my wife a lot the last month and a bit since staying at the centre. They have taken us in and made sure we have a safe place to stay at night and somewhere to come during the day also. Since we have been here my wife has been 29 days clean! Thank you to the Busby Centre, you are always in my heart."