Poverty and homelessness

MYTH: People living in poverty do not have a job.

Fact: A major contributor to homelessness in the region is the growing gap between housing expenditures and low-wage incomes. 

MYTH: Full-time workers earn enough to support themselves and their families.

Fact: Just less than half of all households cannot manage to own a home without putting pressure on other necessary expenditures such as food, clothing, and transportation. 

MYTH: Poverty is only and issue for the poor.

Fact: Low incomes also reduces the goods and services businesses can sell, reducing employment opportunities and detracting from the multiplier effect associated with a thriving economy. 

Fact: Statistics Canada reports that 17% of the county population age 20-34 has not completed high school, yet improving income levels often requires obtaining education or trade skills which take time and money to acquire, and which many adults find difficult to access.

Fact: After years of struggling to make ends meet, many seniors must continue to work after they reach the age of retirement.