About us

The David Busby Street Centre focuses on reducing the impact of poverty, homelessness, insufficient employment, addiction and mental health issues through outreach and services to participants in the Simcoe County area. 

Since 1993, the David Busby Street Centre has been operating as a drop-in centre in downtown Barrie, providing a warm, safe environment for homeless or marginalized people, low-income families, the working poor, youth in distress and seniors who are struggling financially. 

The individuals and families using our services are often suffering from poor health, social isolation, complex mental health concerns, physical, cognitive and social challenges, and the devastating impact of violence and abuse.  Service delivery is based on a non-judgmental acceptance of, and respect for, anyone who accesses our facility. 
We have long-standing relationships with other service delivery organizations in Simcoe County and, when not available at the Busby Centre, our team is equipped to advocate for and link participants to the appropriate social services and resources in the larger community. 
The official government plan indicates that the County’s population will double in the next quarter century. Currently, the Centre sees an average of 150 participants a day, or 38,000 visits a year, but we anticipate that the need for our services will continue to grow. The David Busby Street Centre will be there to meet that need.